History of Sex Dolls - Male Sex Dolls

In the history of sex dolls, there have been many different types and styles over the years. Before I tell you about one type that has a long and interesting history, I need to tell you about a company in Germany that started this whole line of product. The company is called Body World and they have been manufacturing sex dolls for over 20 years.


They have specialized in producing female sex dolls and also other things that go with that style. One of their most popular products is a male sex doll. The Male Sex Dolls are called ManMan.


The ManMan is not like the average sex doll that you can buy at your local sex shop. ManMan is a man who is fully dressed and ready to go and do whatever you want him to do.


You see, you can not get a common sex doll like the ManMan in your local sex shop. He is not a sex doll that you can take home and use for personal use, but instead, he is a companion for you and your partner.


I have had the pleasure of wearing one of these products and it was quite a bit different than what I expected, but you can find out more about it in my first paragraph. Now, let's talk about his history.


The first question you may ask is where did this story come from? Well, the company was formed in Germany around the early ‘80s by two people, Richard Kreismann and Arthur Fitzmaurice. It was a German company until 1990 and they have kept up with the changes that have happened in the company throughout the years.


They were originally founded for two reasons, but now they have expanded into a hobby and a simple pleasure of their own. Richard was an author who wrote about sex dolls and was very passionate about writing about them. When he decided to start Body World with Arthur, they wanted to use their love of sex dolls and history to start a new company.


The history of sex dolls in this company is quite interesting. For example, they have created a style that you do not see anywhere else in the world. The style is called "Explorer" and it was developed as an adult male version of the female sex doll. This style allows you to try out the sex doll with all of the pleasure tools that you would find on the male sex doll.


The Explorer's style is what most people think of when they think of the history of sex dolls. When they first started out with this product they made a mistake, but they quickly corrected it.


There was a serious defect that the Explorer had with his neck. The Explorer could not be stretched out and it was only getting worse with time, so the company redesigned the neck and they released the original Explorer that we all know today.


However, they never gave the newer version of the sex doll the same attention that they gave the original. The older version of the product was getting a lot of attention from customers and the new one did not get any attention at all. In fact, the new body style was discontinued before it ever got to the market.


There are some other fascinating stories in the history of sex dolls that the Body World is now working on. They hope to launch their new male sex doll in the near future. Hopefully, they will get it right and this one will be able to pass on its knowledge to their other male sex dolls.

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